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Zombie Objective - Android Game Free Download

The war against the dead has begun. Zombie Objective is a basic military operation, which guarantees that the city suffers zombies. You are a member of an elite army that will destroy the dead until the corpse is destroyed and the city is safe. You will do the mission of protecting the assets, protecting the wounded, collecting supplies, supporting the snipers and, at the top, hunting and killing the zombies.

In this exciting zombie shooting game, you are armed with weapons, techniques and melee armor, which will help you avoid the multitude of dead packs in this city. To become the ultimate zombie destroyer, you'll need all your tactical training and military skills to fight the dead in 7 unique environments.

Customize your tools and weapons to play any style you want. Hunt a deadly machine gunner, a shy zombie sniper, a super fast ninja, a zombie machats hunter, an ax killer, a zombie samurai fighter and more dead.

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